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Playing in the Craft space opens up doors to an already “trendy” category. Biltong is an age old South African delicacy, but sadly has never been given a platform to be “cool”.

Our hope with Billy’s is to finally take this tradition and add a new dimension to it. With the shift of younger generation consumers toward the craft movement, it is our intention to develop a brand with this in mind.

The beauty of a brand like Billys, is that is will have very little competition within the liquor retail space but still have the benefit of playing in the craft space. 

We have developed four main products infusing our delicious biltong with the Coolest Craft ingredient’s available

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Biltong made Lekka

Biltong is a well favoured local delicacy amongst many South Africans.

We are taking this popular local treat & pushing it to the next level by infusing it with flavours such as the much-acclaimed Parow Brandy & Fokof Lager, as well Sugarbird Fynbos Gin. The result is a delicious

range of the finest selection of A Grade Free Range South African Beef and let’s not forget - the DOP! 

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